Welcome to Glamoraks

A global community of women who walk, hike and adventure.

What is Glamoraks?

Glamoraks is an online community that empowers women to get out walking. Whether a beginner or a hardened adventurer, Glamoraks is a dedicated online space and mobile app for women to:

  • find people to walk with locally or anywhere in the world
  • get ideas for walks, hikes, challenges or adventures
  • learn from the experiences of others
  • share their own experiences through articles and photos
  • have questions answered
  • get motivated and inspired to get out there
  • buy & sell hiking kit
  • get exclusive access to organised walking weekends
  • Coming soon: get discounts from outdoor brands

Benefits of joining

  • Boost your physical, mental and emotional well-being. No more feeling unfit, down in the dumps or lonely.

  • Make friends, beat loneliness
  • Create much needed time for you - you're more likely to go on a walk if you've arranged to go with someone else
  • Get out of your comfort zone, take on a challenge, find your inner adventurer - your self-belief will soar
  • Have a rich life filled with experiences and memories rather than things
  • Start ticking off the items on that bucket list - and be supported by a community of like minded women as you do it
  • See the world or discover amazing places right on your doorstep
  • Feel happy!

Joining Glamoraks is like having the best gym membership ever - new friends, new places, new experiences, improved fitness and a much bigger smile on your face.

Who is it for?

Does this sound like you?

You are a woman who feels better when you get outdoors.  You love walking but you just don't seem to make enough time for it or don't have anyone to walk with. Perhaps you're worried about going on your own or simply want some company. You love the idea of becoming a bit more adventurous but want to share the experience with others who are like you.

You are a Glamorak! You've found your tribe. Glamoraks is open to: 

  • Women all over the world
  • Age REALLY doesn't matter but most members are typically between 35 & 59
  • Complete beginners to qualified mountaineers
  • Jugglers - busy with kids, work, ageing parents 
  • People who love to walk, hike and meet new people
  • Adventurous spirits
  • Friendly, participative, helpful, collaborative women willing to share and join in

Who's behind it?

I'm Melissa Talago - you'll find me in the group. I'm a mid-forties self-employed mother of two who lives in York, UK. A few years ago, I realised that walking and getting outdoors boosted my mood, made me feel happier and got me fitter. I also got to see far more of the world. I took on bigger adventures like walking 192 miles across the UK, climbing Kilimanjaro and wild camped on my own, all of which helped me find my self-confidence.  Getting my boots on reminds me of who I was before life got in the way. 

I'm not a hard core adventurer. I like a comfy bed and good glass of wine at the end of a long walk. But I'm happy to rough it now and again because it makes me feel alive. 

I realised that walking with other women, rather than on my own, gave a different kind of joy. It is a chance to talk deeply, learn more about others and learn more about yourself in the process. 

Now I'm on a mission to get more women walking. We're all so busy - careers, being mothers, looking after elderly parents, relationships, life.  Walking is the escape that lets you put down the mascara wand and step away from busy-ness of life. It simplifies everything. It gives you time to think, reflect, talk and connect. It's just you, what you can fit in your pack, the track in front of you and whoever is walking with you.

It is low cost, really good exercise, a brilliant way to destress and the best endorphin hit you can get. It makes you happy. It helps you rediscover you. And it gives you permission to become that messy, basic, windswept person you were born to be.

I want to create a worldwide collective of women who walk.
And in so doing, I want to make women happier. 

How does it work?

Think of it as a low cost gym membership but with a BIG difference. You won't just get fit. You'll get a mental and emotional boost too. It could just change your life.

Step 1: Join online & add your profile. Look at the welcome info to find your way around.

 Step 2: Introduce yourself & start to chat, share, ask questions or arrange / join in a walk. Find members near you, browse the events, see what's for sale in the Kit Klub or join / create a local group.

Step 3: Go on a walk you've joined or arranged. Meet new people. Go home feeling energised and happy.  Or take part in one of the exclusive members only paid for walking weekends organised by Glamoraks or our partners.

Step 4: Come back & share your pictures, walks, routes and experiences. And repeat! Any time you fancy a walk, let people know or join in with others. The more active you are, the more you and everyone else gets out of it.

Step 5:  Get inspired by 'Meet the member' live events or Q&A sessions with members who've done something a bit different. Enjoy discounts from outdoor brands and walking holiday companies (coming soon). 

Important Disclaimer

Boring but important stuff you should read:

Before subscribing, please ensure you have read our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

By signing up to this network you are expressly agreeing to have your email added to the Glamoraks mailing list and your data will be stored on secure Mighty Networks systems. You can opt out of the Glamoraks mailing list at anytime and you can adjust your notifications received in the group. 

By participating in any walks or events arranged by yourself or other Glamoraks members, you are entirely responsible for your personal safety. Glamoraks and other members cannot be held responsible or liable. You participate in the group at your own risk. You also agree to abide by the community guidelines. Please read the policies documents relating to these matters.